“Healthy aging is a consciousness issue. It is not merely the death of our cells but is a complex and dynamic process that is grounded in change as life unfolds for each of us. The challenge as I see it is in discovering the potential that lies within each of us to become all that we were meant to be – mentally, physically, and spiritually. This potential can carry us to living lives of fulfillment, peace and prosperity if we remain PRESENT during each moment of our lives – living consciously. Learning about who we are “from the inside out” while acting upon our choices in the present moment, enables and empowers us to live lives of great accomplishment.”

My vision


Nicholas S. Prukop, Founder & President, Happy, Healthy & Fit

With more than 25 years of professional experience in the health and fitness industry, Nick is one of the nation’s leading experts from the personal training arena on the subject of healthy aging. He has worked with thousands of clients during his two decades as a trainer, and although they have ranged in age from 14 to 95, his focus has remained on teaching the principles of healthy aging for everyone who wants to become happy, healthy and fit.

A part of this group himself, Nick celebrated his own milestone 71st birthday last summer, and has refined the focus of his Happy, Healthy & Fit consulting practice to better serve the needs of people in a fast changing and evolving world. In addition to his individualized client programs, classes and workshops Nick has evolved the concept of healthy aging through a series of 75 articles he has written for two professional websites. These articles focus on all aspects of the healthy aging process and principles and can be accessed through askthetrainer.com and healthynewage.com.

Nick is a certified fitness professional through the American Council on Exercise, one of the nation’s premier certification and educational bodies. In 2000  he was selected as a Master Trainer by the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world's leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals, with more than 29,000 members in 80 countries. A runner and athlete himself, he personally has engaged in the fitness lifestyle for more than 60 years since his youth on the island of Maui. He started his athletic life as an age group swimmer and progressed to other sports after the family moved to Oahu in 1956. Since he began his life as a runner in 1964, he has accumulated more than 60,000 miles over that span of time and has continued to the present day. His next goal is to run a 6 minute mile on his 80th birthday in 2026. 


Prior to founding his fitness practice in 1990, Nick spent 20 years as a corporate marketing and sales professional in both the consumer products and financial services industries. While serving as a senior manager in the savings and loan industry, he amassed a significant portfolio of assets based on long-term successful client relationships. This experience in many ways formed the basis for developing his personal training practice nearly two decades ago.

Nick also has a significant military background in both the U.S. Air Force and California Air National Guard. He was a Titan II Missile Combat Crew Commander responsible for a strategic missile complex and crew of four that was an integral part of the strategic defense of the United States. In the Guard, he served as the first commissioned race relations officer in the State of California and received his training at the Defense Race Relations Institute, Patrick AFB, Florida.
Nick earned his MBA from Loyola Marymount University and his BA from Syracuse University. He currently resides in Newport Beach, CA near his daughter and 12 year old grandson. When he is not working with clients or spending time with his family, he is busy training for his 6-minute mile on his 80th birthday.

Certifications & Awards

American Council on Exercise:
Certified Personal Trainer – 1992; Certified Lifestyle & Weight Mgt. Consultant – 1995
IDEA International Health & Fitness Association: Master Trainer – 2000