Speaking Schedule

August 3-5
Asilomar/Monterey, CA

September 6
UMC Activities Center
Lubbock, TX

September 7
UMC Activities Center
Lubbock, TX

October 30
Irvine Exchange Club
Irvine, CA

“Developing Your Own Power Of Mind, Body & Spirit” with Nick Prukop, Speaker, Author, Personal Trainer. Nick was a very informative and fun speaker as the audience departed with renewed enthusiasm and motivation of overall wellness. He gave us some very simple and practical suggestions: “Every day, eat a salad, take a walk, and drink lots of water.” During his presentation Nick did not use the word exercise he emphasized the word play, “go out and play.” He encouraged us to look at the big picture of wellness to enjoy the physical as well as seeking the spiritual.
Newsletter written by Larry Sava-Wellness Director-UMC Activities Center-Lubbock, TX

Healthy, Happy & Fit Menu of Services

A: PRESENTATIONS: Up to 1 hour speech covering the basic principles to complete health and fitness:

  • You are what you eat-nutrition and your health
  • You are how you feel-self-esteem and being happy
  • You are what you think-the power of your mind-being your best
  • You are what you do-exercising for a healthy and happy life


  • Developing healthy eating habits for life
  • Developing your health and fitness priorities
  • Developing positive attitudes and creating healthy habits
  • Developing and implementing your personal exercise program
  • Measuring and evaluating your progress toward lifetime health

C. INTENSIVE ALL-DAY WORKSHOP (Customized, in-depth presentations given by health and fitness specialists)

  • Taking control of your own health and fitness needs
  • Developing positive attitudes and healthy habits
  • Developing your cardiovascular health and living ‘heart healthy”
  • Harnessing the power of your mind and achieving results
  • Developing and implementing your own exercise program
  • Measuring and evaluating your personal exercise program
  • Developing healthy eating habits for life


  • Needs assessment and evaluation employee groups
  • On-site program development and evaluation
  • Personalized fitness coaching for employees
  • Fitness program design and implementation for employees
  • Seminars and workshops customized to company needs

Presentation Summaries

Use It or Lose It

Power – Strength – Endurance – Speed – Quickness – Balance – Flexibility – do we really want to lose these wonderful gifts as we age? The answer of course is NO but in spite of our best efforts we DO lose them over time and in the process become OLDER. Now with “Use It or Lose It” Nick Prukop explains in simple terms the key principles of maintaining –and enjoying – an active lifestyle with the result of being healthy in our later years. Through his experiences over a twenty year span as a personal trainer and working with thousands of clients of all ages, Nick can help guide you through an experience that will lead you to an active and healthy life. “Use It or Lose It” is designed for those people who really want to know the truth about healthy aging – and who are willing to ACT on that truth.

It’s NOT About Your Money, It’s About Your Health!

In this powerful presentation, Nick examines our priorities and the many challenges that we face in today’s modern, fast paced world. He looks at the challenges that we face in trying to achieve balance in our lives and that conspire against us to keep us weak and dependent upon the current overloaded and ineffective healthcare system we have in place today. Nick discusses in this illuminating presentation the strategies that we can employ right now to enable us to live the life we choose and develop a plan for achievement that will keep us “humming right along” free and strong no matter what challenge we may face each day!

Developing Your Own Power of Mind, Body & Spirit

Change is the only constant in the natural order. How we deal with change and the challenges we face in today’s fast paced world will determine how healthy and happy we will be in the future. In “Developing Your Own Power of Mind, Body, & Spirit” Nick discusses the issues related to healthy aging while helping you develop a plan for balancing the many aspects of our lives in order to maximize our potential as we grow older. Mental, physical, and spiritual concerns are at the center of the challenges confronting us. Nick will help you identify PROVEN strategies for success –many of which he has used in his own life with positive results. His purpose in this powerful presentation is to help you confront yourself NOW so that you will be better prepared to face the years ahead with an “attitude of gratitude” and a forgiving heart- the two keys to living a healthy, happy and rewarding life!